Welcome to Reforging an Amazon (Formerly Known as Elizabethan Mafia)

Welcome to Reforging an Amazon, the site formerly known as Elizabethan Mafia. My name is Alison and I am an avid costumer and a rabid historical martial arts and fencing enthusiast. My primary focus is Elizabethan England but I branch out into most of the Early Modern English period.

All the information from Elizabethan Mafia is here and my old articles are being relinked for easy access.  Some of the information on my previous historical clothing projects has been archived but some is still available and information from all new projects will be added as they are completed and I can get pictures taken.

My earliest love is fencing and western martial arts. I began primarily as a historical fencing enthusiast and I’m especially pleased that I’ve managed to preserve my joints well enough to continue to fight long after having received my White Scarf. With luck, love, and cross training I hope to fight for many more years to come. My fascination and enthusiasm for historical martial arts grew out of my love of fencing. I was looking for more. More information, more tricks to add to my repertoire, more ways to improve my game. I started reading Di Grassi and everything took off from there.

Photo Credit-Llwyd Aldrydd (Ymir 2018)

Sewing and my love for historical fashion grew out of my love of fencing as well. It wasn’t enough to want to fight well; I wanted to look really good while I was doing too. As my skills improved I began to tackle more and more difficult projects. And I was no longer satisfied with “ok” results. I wanted clothing. I wanted a full wardrobe of historically accurate, well made, lovingly fitted garments. I wanted embroidered shirts and coifs, lots of beautiful little accessories. I wanted to challenge myself with big, beautiful, hard core projects. And so I spend an untold number of happy hours doing just that.

I currently reside in Raleigh, NC with my beloved husband, two crazy dogs, and our two benevolent feline overlords.

If you wish to learn more about any of the projects or research you find on my website or blog please feel free to contact me at reforginganamazon [AT] gmail [DOT] com.